Subject Re: [firebird-php]
Author Lester Caine
Steve Rayner wrote:
> 1. Where can i get the latest offical php_interbase.dll ?
There was a period when php_interbase was omitted from the windows builds of
PHP, but it is now included again.

> 2. How does php_interbase.dll locate the firebird.msg file for correctly
> displaying error messages, where should firebird.msg be located.
The problem here is just a matter of which client is found first.
gds32.dll is still used as a backup and so if the FB1.5 one is found first, that
will be the determines the client version.

> My problem is that error messages are not being displayed correctly. My web
> server actually has Firebird2.5 installed for other reasons. But my
> webserver (apache) does not use this. Instead it uses a remote database
> server this is running firebird 1.5.
Not sure quite what you are saying there. The remote server would only be
accessed if that is what you are using as the target server. What application
has installed your local Firebird? It may be that this is an 'embedded' version
which is only accessible to that application? Personally when I install firebird
I always tick the box for installing a legacy gds32.dll copy and I've ensured
that there are no other copies on the machine.

This is controllable, but it is perhaps time we split firebird from interbase
and moved the fbird_xxx functions to their own extension which only uses the
fbclient.dll ...

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