Subject Re: [firebird-php] Changing default (IBASE_DEFAULT) transaction isolation level
Author Lester Caine
Jiri Cincura wrote:
> Hi *,
> does anybody know how to change the default transaction isolation
> level for any ibase_xxx/fbird_xxx related functions? I have a PHP
> application with a lot of fbird_query calls (some even in
> call_user_func_array) all over the place and I'd like to use different
> TIL. I'm trying to avoid rewriting every fbird_query to use my
> manually created new transaction as that would take long time.

I've always meant to check up on the message in the manual ...
"The default transaction settings are to be used. This default is determined by
the client library, which defines it as IBASE_WRITE|IBASE_CONCURRENCY|IBASE_WAIT
in most cases."
ADOdb overrides the default and run with it's own transaction for the connection
so I've never looked to see how the 'client library' determines' it ...

I'm using IBASE_WAIT | IBASE_REC_VERSION | IBASE_COMMITTED via that method, but
never bothered to check if even this is right :) It works ...

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