Subject Re: ***SPAM*** [firebird-php] please help me to connect firebird with xampp on windows 7.
Author Lester Caine
amrit sandhu wrote:
> Hello,I m looking for Urgent help, step by step instruction to install firbird with xampp(PHP).
> I m new to firebird and want to learn firebird,please help me to connect firebird with xampp on windows 7.
> I
> m trying for Last 3 days on google,but nothing found,Tried too many
> things but getting this error again and again "Warning: ibase_connect()
> [function.ibase-connect]: Unable to complete network request to host
> "localhost". Failed to establish a connection."
> Please Help As soon As Possible. Thanks In Advance.

Somehow I've lost a section of data on one of my sites. is still up, but the newer
is the page that has gone missing - I've updated using an old backup at some
point when moving between machines :( Pigging 1&1 are a pain, and while I've
moved most stuff off them it looks like a rsync backup had stopped before I
closed down a server on a couple of months back.

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