Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Using Firebird with InterBase 6 Databa
Author Lester Caine
jackdmason19 wrote:
> As for the original question, is there any problem accessing/updating an InterBase 6 database from Firebird?

That was answered ;)
The driver is php_interbase ... it just happens to work with Firebird as well,
but in fact all of the development work is done against Firebird anyway.

Just for the record ...
My own systems have Firebird on a different machine to the web servers. The only
thing that has access to that machine is the web server ones. And I do access
different Firebird machines from the one web server.

Correctly formatted queries using parameters rather than hand written SQL is the
right way forward as that eliminates many of the 'holes' through which problem
SQL can be created. Look at ADOdb as an abstraction layer to help secure this
level ...

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