Subject Re: [firebird-php] Using stored procedures in PHP script
Author Milan Babuskov
Sakhile Njoko wrote:
> Is there a tutorial can help me understand how to call FB stored procedures from a PHP script? If not, an example of insert and select would be greatly appreciated.

You execute it just like regular statements. For non-selectable
procedures (without SUSPEND) use code like this:

$result = ibase_query("execute procedure proc(param1, param2)");
if (!$result)
echo ibase_errmsg();

For selectable procedures, use something like this:

$result = ibase_query("select * from proc(param1, param2)");
if (!$result)
echo ibase_errmsg();
while ($o = ibase_fetch_object($result))

If you need insert or update, you should write that on the Firebird side
inside the procedure body. PHP code just calls it.


Milan Babuskov

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