Subject Re: make test with 5.4
Author mariuz
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
> mariuz wrote:
> > insert
> > DECIMAL[2] fail
> > in: -2.0304723312257E+14
> > out: -203047233122569.984
> I've seen different results depending on which OS you are running and 32/64 bit.
> I don't treat this as a 'failure' but rather a badly constructed test case? The
> 'failure' was demonstrated with the generic tests in ibtest.php which didn't
> actually give the right value when working with the higher value numeric sizes
> such as NUMERIC(18,8), but I think these are now fixed.
The value is inserted correctly : - 203047233122569.984 is generated randomly rand_number(18,3) , that is why it differs every time on each test

I think is just a failure on how the value is printed on the output
I will check with a simpler test