Subject Re: ibase_query
Author Umberto

--- In, Sakhile Njoko <sakhinjoko@...>
> How can I get all the possible result identifiers returned by IBASE_QUERY(). Like I want to know what IBASE_QUERY() returns when select statement was successful but returned no records or some records because in both cases it just returns TRUE.

From ibase_query() on-line manual documentation,

If the query raises an error, returns FALSE. If it is successful and there is a (possibly empty) result set (such as with a SELECT query), returns a result identifier. If the query was successful and there were no results, returns TRUE.

So a correct SELECT statement returns ALLWAYS a resource.
INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements returns the number of affected records.
If there is a RETURNING clause in INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE a resource is returned instead because in that case only one record is implied (IIRC for this last part).