Subject Re: [firebird-php] Support of Firebird out of the box.
Author Lester Caine
Roberto Carlos wrote:
> Big thanks for all information you provided.
> I have being working with Delphi for a while, now I need enter the web world: HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery (and plugins) + PHP (json/xml) + Firebird.
> I have chosen PHP over Java because it demands more people to acomplish one single project and PHP over ASP because it requires expensivly paid licenses on low profiting projects.
> But I must confess that learn and work with HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery (and plugins) + PHP (json/xml) + Firebird is not easy for a Delphi programmer...
> PHP (OOP) is not difficult to learn, but convert MySQL examples to Firebird is.
> HTML5 definition is not finished and does not work equal in all browsers. This is really complicated.
> CSS3 design is really strange for people coming from Delphi world.
> jQuery, and its plugins, is a must to satisfy clients.
> I have chosen Firebird over all other RDBMS because all known advantages such as lightness, easiness, open source, etc.

I went through a similar exercise 10 years ago. All my legacy stuff is on BCB,
but we needed to augment it with web based access and even today, windows
machines still run the hardware such as making announcements and printing
tickets, while the old dedicated terminals have now been replaced by real
computers on the counters :) and linux servers running Apache/PHP/Firebird. I
started all this before MySQL even existed and still can't understand why people
use it. All my live sites backup every 12 hours, copy the backup to the website
storage area, and rsync over. Never lost a site yet ... and some data originates
from the interbase days ...

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