Subject Re: [firebird-php] someone is trying to patch the drupal7 driver
Author Lester Caine
mariuz wrote:
> I didn't checked it yet but you can give a hand / patch

I did spend some time looking at Drupal but their method of abstracting SQL was
so convoluted I kept hitting edge cases.

This particular one should be managed in 'createFieldSql' ...
That said, I can't actually see a 'NULL' on it's own in the firebird driver, I
suspect it should be a 'NOT NULL' for a potential primary key
AH - 'createTableSql' does not even have the code to handle primary key! That
needs to be borrowed from the postgres version of the driver.

One of the reasons I gave up with Drupal was the lack of 'sequence/generator'
management. Since the earlier GOOD code was ripped out and replaced by PDO, much
of the ideal abstraction methods had been lost. In bitweaver all the primary
keys are managed via generators and these are mirrored by sequences on other
databases. Only MySQL has to have that layer simulated which is one reason why
PDO is simply NOT a good starting point since it is too MySQL sentric :(

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