Subject Re: [firebird-php] anyone, can help me about connection to firebird 2.5 with wamp
Author Lester Caine
Naga Yanto wrote:
> hai.. i was re-installing..
> when i'am use XAMPP, its ok.. finally php with firebird connected..
> but, when i use WampServer, its error..
> thats messeage "Unable to initialize module, module compile with build ID=API20090626, TS,VC9 PHP Compiled with build ID = API20090626,TS,VC6 these options need to match"
> what that means??
> i not understanding.. T.T

One of the claims by windows is that it does not have the mess of library
versions that can exist in Linux when in reality, Windows has a worse mess.

Microsoft put support into PHP to make it work better with IIS, but that support
has created a situation where Apache is no longer as well supported on windows.
To 'improve stability' PHP is no longer supplied compiled on the older VC6
compilers, while the official Apache releases are only available on VC6! Also as
I indicated earlier, the windows developer on PHP decided that ONLY libraries
compiled on VC9 could be used, at a time when Firebird and many other third
party packages were only available on VC8. Add to that x86 and x64 builds of
windows and things get very messy - more than ACTUALLY exist in practice, since
while the official versions of PHP only had VC9 extensions, we simply continued
to compile the VC8 libraries and provided them privately.

The error message you are getting is a little confusing as I would expect to see
the VC9 and VC6 difference the other way around. You have a VC9 build of Apache
with a VC6 build of PHP. Checking WampServer site ... throw it in the bin!
PHP5.3.3 is simply too old.

Are you on a 32bit version of windows?
If so, then use the latest PHP from, and get the x86 version of Apaceh
64bit ... get both from Anindya's site ...

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