Subject Re: [firebird-php] Application working only in IE
Author Sakhile Njoko
Yes, the cookies and javascript are enabled in Firefox and Chrome.
I have included the code in the two scripts.
Script 1 (index.php) has the login form and javascript function (verify_login) that calls and posts form data to script 2 (verifylogin.php), which then uses the data to check if it is in the database.

<script>function verify_login() {     var getdate = new Date(); var tstamp = getdate.getTime();    xmlhttp=GetXmlHttpObject(); //Checks if Javascript is enabled    if (xmlhttp==null) {        alert ("Javascript is not enabled. Please enable it or upgrade your browser.");        return;    } 
    var aurl="verifylogin.php"; aurl = aurl + '?time=' + tstamp;    xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=function() {        if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 || xmlhttp.readyState=="complete") {            document.getElementById('verify').innerHTML=xmlhttp.responseText;        }    }"POST",aurl,true);    var pmeters = "&mbrnm=" + encodeURI( document.getElementById("mbrnm").value ) +              "&usrnm=" + encodeURI( document.getElementById("usrnm").value ) +                  "&pass=" + encodeURI( document.getElementById("pass").value );    xmlhttp.setRequestHeader("Content-type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");    xmlhttp.setRequestHeader("Content-length", pmeters.length); xmlhttp.setRequestHeader("Connection", "close");    xmlhttp.send(pmeters);}</script>
<body><form align='center' action="javascript:verify_login()" name="FrmLog" id="FrmLog" method="POST" onsubmit="this.submit(); this.reset(); return false" ><TABLE cellwidth="20" cellspacing="10" border="0" cellpadding="0"  align='center'> <tbody> <tr>  <td>User Number:</td>  <td><input type="text" name="mbrnm" id="mbrnm" size="3"/></td> </tr> <tr>  <td>Username:</td>  <td><input type="text" name="usrnm" id="usrnm" size="8"/></td> </tr> <tr>  <td>Password:</td>  <td><input type="password" name="pass" id="pass" size="8"/></td> </tr> <tr>  <td></td>  <td><input type="submit" value="Login" /></td> </tr> </tbody></TABLE></form></body>

<?php if (is_numeric($_POST['mbrnm']) && isset($_POST['usrnm']) && !empty($_POST['usrnm']) && isset($_POST['pass']) && !empty($_POST['pass'])) { include('config.php'); $tt=ibase_connect($db,$user,$pswd); $number = $_POST['mbrnm']; $usernm = $_POST['usrnm']; $passwd = $_POST['pass']; $qry="select * from LUNG where USRID = '$number' and LOGIN = '$usernm' and PSSWD = '$passwd'"; $rslt = ibase_query($tt,$qry); $rec = ibase_fetch_object($rslt); if (!$rec){ echo "Incorrect login details, please try again."; ibase_close($tt); } else{ $owshp = $rec->SBNZL; $logid = rand(0,2000000000); setcookie("logid",$logid,time() + 3600); setcookie("usrid",$usrid,time() + 3600); setcookie("owshp",$owshp,time() + 3600); setcookie("level",$level,time() + 3600); $qry3="select USRNM, USRSN from USRS where USRID = '$number'"; $rslt3 = ibase_query($tt,$qry3); $rec3 = ibase_fetch_object($rslt3); echo "<table align='center'><tr><td>"; //echo
"Welcome ".$rec3->USRNM." ".$rec3->USRSN.", please click <a href='home.php?logid=".$logid."&owshp=".$owshp."'>Continue</a>."; echo "Welcome ".$rec3->USRNM." ".$rec3->USRSN.", please click <a href='home.php'>Continue</a>."; echo "</td></tr></table>"; ibase_close($tt); } }?>--- On Mon, 19/9/11, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:

From: Lester Caine <lester@...>
Subject: Re: [firebird-php] Application working only in IE
Date: Monday, 19 September, 2011, 16:36


Sakhile Njoko wrote:

> Oh, when I say it doesn't work I mean I enter the USERNUMBER, LOGINNAME and PASSWORD but it just clears everything when I press enter and stays on the same login page. No error comes up.

Presumably cookies are enabled in firefox and chrome?

Bit difficult to fault find when we have no information ;)

This simple php page, or linked to something else?


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