Subject Re: [firebird-php] pdo related bugs for php 5.4
Author Lester Caine
mariuz wrote:
> and visit it daily from now on? I'd like to see this go to 0 before we
> release the first 5.4 beta later this year
> In our case is all about pdo related bugs

The interbase bugs HAD been cleared at one point, not sure why they are back
again. I'll try and dig out my notes but that was a few years back!

On PDO I'm curious as to why firebird bugs would be setting things based on the
oci or mysql driver? *AH* A quick scan would beg the question as to how SQL
specific bugs can be applied to databases that they do not relate to? It seems
that the Firebird bugs are mainly trying to apply other bug reports to Firebird
without any attempt to fix the SQL differences - which sort of defeats the point
of applying the bug? I think the first problem is identifying each bug and
working out if it even applies to Firebird? is a starting point ... would appear to be
an sqlite problem, and 'some error message' looks fun to test for? is even more fun since it tries to use a
varchar field in the test file - and load a blob.

I think we need to bounce this back and ask how the test process is supposed to
work when each database does expect different SQL, since PDO totally ignores
that side of the jigsaw?

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