Subject Re: [firebird-php] Strange browser error
Author Sakhile Njoko
Apologies to everyone for the delayed response. Something came up that needed my attention.
Yes, the error console of Firebug. Now that you bring up the issue of Firebug, my app is no longer working properly (i.e. Ajax code doesn't get executed after clicking submit buttons) via Firefox since I installed Firebug but it works perfecly fine via IE8. Maybe there's setting that I missed after installing Firebug.

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From: Umberto Masotti <u.masotti@...>
Subject: Re: [firebird-php] Strange browser error
Date: Sunday, 3 July, 2011, 14:24


Hi Sakhile,

On 03/07/2011 11:44, Sakhile Njoko wrote:
> Thanks Umberto but just like my initial script your script works fine but Firefox error console still raises exactly the same error with your script.

I don't see "objects" in my script, because other things are Firebird's
resources (or normal vars).
Firefox error Console? Do you mean Firebug (in Firefox) error Console?
In that case missing object is a DOM object (or Javascript error) in
other parts.
Try that script from console, i.e. in a Linux OS you can try:

php -f test.php

where test.php is your minimal script and check output starting with
And, now I can see that a PHP error reports the source line in which
this happens unless you have explicitly disabled that feature in php.ini
or ini_set().
Report the exact line where PHP say that you have an error.


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