Subject Re: [firebird-php] Status of PHP PDO_Firebird as of May 2011
Author Lester Caine
marius adrian popa wrote:

Useful to know ...
While some people are still push PDO as the right way forward, none of the main
database projects are bothering with it. Oracle specifically said they do not
support their PDO driver, and the MySQL and Postgres ones need a lot of work to
support new stuff - just like the firebird one.
So until someone takes up the baton of making PDO fully functional in general it
is still something of a dead end?
A couple of projects that I monitor asked the question 'Why aren't we changing
to PDO?' and since both are already using ADOdb the answer was quite simple ...
just use it if you want to!
Probably 99% of my Firebird stuff works identically switching from php_interbase
to pdo_firebird in ADOdb ... just slower so it's not been worth the effort to
fit the 1% ;)

What PDO NEEDS is a full abstraction library to sit on top of it rather than
each project that HAS converted writing their own. And I still find it quicker
to convert from PDO to ADOdb rather than trying to rewrite all the SQL within a

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