Subject Re: [firebird-php] RAD environment for PHP-based applications
Author Lester Caine
Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:
> Lester,
>>> Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:
>>>>> can anybody recommend a RAD environment for creating PHP-based
>>>>> database-driven applications without creating php files by hand and from
>>>>> scratch?
>>>>> I rather thought about having something to create a database-driven PHP
>>>>> application visually ala Delphi ...
>>> I've not had the need to use it myself, but is probably
>>> what you are looking for.
>> Should have added - it's not 'php' but I've not found anything that creates php
>> files. I'm quite happy with PHPEclipse and the various Eclipse based tools ...
> Does PHPEclipse follow the RAD way like Delphi does? You know, designing
> the front-end with re-usable components etc. Or is PHPEclipse just
> something to work with hand-coded .php files more efficiently like
> syntax-highlighting etc.

Syntax highlighting and auto complete. Add to that the same for javascript, html
and other useful tools, and in the past you did not need to 'leave' Eclipse to
handle the entire development process. Git and hg are messing things up at the
moment as they don't have fully integrated clients like those provided for CVS
and SVN ;) My projects are all based on bitweaver which provides all of the core
functionality so I've not needed anything else yet.

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