Subject Re: RAD environment for PHP-based applications
Author Umberto
Hi Thomas,

--- In, Thomas Steinmaurer <ts@...> wrote:
> can anybody recommend a RAD environment for creating PHP-based
> database-driven applications without creating php files by hand and from
> scratch?

I'm using Embarcadero's RadPHP.
It's similar to Delphi IDE, but I use it mostly for integrated debugging and page prototyping.
All components are there but it's nor as simple as design, code and run: components from different libraries (i.e. qooxdoo and jQuery) often crash each other.
Embedded ajax hasn't a good implementation (cannot invoke PHP code in other files than page itself), so PHP has to reload and compile all stuff for a small piece of code.
If server has eAccellerator or similar caching utilities, VCL it's not so bad anyway.