Subject Re: [firebird-php] php 5.3.6 released
Author Lester Caine
marius adrian popa wrote:
> Just one notice:
> Windows users: please mind that we do no longer provide builds created
> with Visual Studio C++ 6. It is impossible to maintain a high quality
> and safe build of PHP for Windows using this unmaintained compiler.

At least the debate has now been opened on the apache list about that now ;)

The apachelounge builds would seem to be the logical way forward, and I've not
had any trouble with them, but the original problem has not really gone away.
Even M$ are more than happy that linking to VC8 ( and earlier ) libraries from a
VC9 build is perfectly acceptable, so dictates that everything USED with PHP has
to be built with VC9 are still simply wrong. PHP5.3.6 still works fine even
using older Firebird clients? I'm not seeing any problems where I've have to
stay with FB1.5 because of other legacy windows code ... which was built using
Borland compilers.

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