Subject Re: PHP Interbase DLL 5.3.5 VC6
Author p51b.mustang
Thanks, I will use apachelounge and reinstall them (again), wish me luck.

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> p51b.mustang wrote:
> > I have the same, frustrating, problem. Windows, Apache,& PHP 5.3.5 with no luck. I think it has something to do with the build as most advice discusses building PHP in linux. I tried to override with the php.ini but the best I could get was "Fatal error: Call to undefined function ibase_connect() in E:\Apache2.2\htdocs\ibshow.php on line 9".
> > Just don't know why PHP has to be so complex.
> Well you do not HAVE to build anything ... even on windows.
> The current problems we have are caused by the windows maintainers on PHP no
> longer being prepared to support anything other than their preferred setup, so
> everything has to be built with VC9 or they will not incorporate it with the
> windows builds :( This is despite the fact that even Microsoft now say there is
> no problem linking to third party packages built with earlier versions of VC -
> such as the VC6 and VC8 builds of firebird.
> CURRENTLY the safest way of setting up windows with Apache and PHP is to use the
> VC9 build of Apache at apachelounge -
> On top of this we can then use the VC9 x86 Thread Safe build of PHP from
> Currently is not available again, and it would seem
> that my mirror has also got lost again :( I'm just rebuilding my copy onto a
> different server and will post a link when it's back up again. I have been
> reworking the original FWAP installation notes following the new 'rules', but
> basically FWAP does work 'out of the box' - it just needs a little help plugging
> the latest leaks.
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