Subject Re: Firebird function equivalent to mysql_escape_string
Author Umberto
Hi Ajay,

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> Yes, I am converting an application from MySQL to firebird.

It could be a nightmare, depending on original software design.
If there is a common framework to interface database resources, you can achieve your goal, but if SQL is interspersed in a lot of code...

Recently I was in evaluation for porting Dolibar from MySQL to Firebird.
In this application SQL code and query building is interspersed in user's modules, and only chance is a deconstruction / reconstruction via regex.
I some of the case it was impossible, so we abandoned conversion.
May be your case is better.

Note that if you don't install mysql interface, you can build your own mysql_escape_string() in a global script, coding it in PHP.
To check against error you can use function_exists() and other PHP resources for function handling