Subject Re: Checks for NULL
Author mariuz
--- In, Jiri Cincura <diskuze@...> wrote:
> Hi *,
> the ibase_query.c on L652 contains check for column type nullability.
> And if the provided value is NULL it throws error. But this is
> obviously wrong (the simplest case could be before trigger providing
> the value).
> Does anybody know the best way to provide fix? Directly to PHP? Or
> maybe we should start our own php_firebird as I recall a lot of bugs
> and fixes...
1.if you have the patch send it here
for the moment i guess the easy way is to prepare a patch
and then you will send to php-internal

2.We should apply for a svn account there then after we fix all the bugs
we can create a new driver fork named firebird

3.Also my guess is easy to create a php github mirror work there in ibase folder and then send the patches upstream