Subject Re: Php-firebird relationship
Author .Christophe DERENNE
Just to say that I've got the same trouble with php-interbase extension a
few months ago.
I never used mysql or other extension; so I don't know what was the effect
with others extensions.
So; as I was trying to make php-interbase work with my lastest php 5.3.6
I've just downloaded, I discovered that php was ignoring whatever I write
in my php.ini.

As I was searchnig why, I've finished to open php.exe with an hexa editor.
And what I was surprised to see that :
- php.ini path was hard code in php.exe (this was c:\windows\php.ini)
(and default values so)

Then, I put my php.ini in c:\windows folder and modify it to specify that I
use php-interbase extension. Then It Works !

Have a nice day.


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