Subject Re: [firebird-php] Php-firebird relationship
Author Lester Caine
Sakhile Njoko wrote:
> Thanks Lester. That does shed some light but I really would like Firebird being included under "Related Sites" too. Your suggestion makes a lot of sense because if we don't do what you say the perception that Firebird people don't use Php will get entrenched even more instead of changing it.

New blood asking on the PHP list would probably help ... A few people there are
getting annoyed with my complaints about they way they run things :(
PHP nowadays has lost a lot of the simple working methods and gained a lot of
bloat that is useless to the majority of real users. I sometimes think that all
some people do IS 'develop' and never get around to using PHP in the field.
Something I've been doing on top of Firebird for over ten years now, and have
tried to provide simple guides to get others started as well.

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