Subject Re: [firebird-php] Php-firebird relationship
Author Lester Caine
Sakhile Njoko wrote:
> I have just noticed that MySql and PostgreSql are mentioned under "Related Sites" on Why is that and why is Firebird not included? Is there any tension between Firebird and Php teams? Could that be the reason php_interbase.dll is not part of the installer package? Could it be that Firebird experts don't wanna get involved in Php development? Someone please help me understand.

Lots of little reasons perhaps.

PHP developers do not believe that many people use Firebird, but in reality a
large portion of the Firebird user base simply don't use PHP.

The problems with including Firebird in the PHP5.3 windows builds was not just
related to Firebird, but to many libraries that were not following the
restriction that only extensions and clients compiled with VC9 were allowed.
Since Firebird was VC8 it was disabled along with a number of other libraries.
This has now been sorted and although the EXTENSION is compiled with VC9, it has
no problem talking to any version of Firebird client. We had been compiling our
own builds anyway to get around the problem.

It would be nice to see a few more Firebird/PHP sites advertising their
existance. Perhaps we should set up a page with links to such sites. I'd be
happy to host something on the 1and1 server ... a MySQL/Posgres free server :)

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