Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Live time of persistent connections
Author Lester Caine
Umberto Masotti wrote:
> On 09/08/2010 15:04, Milan Babuskov wrote:
>> > Umberto wrote:
>>> >> PHP ibase_pconnect() uses pooled permanent connections.
>>> >> Note that it's not PHP, but Apache that keeps alive connections.
>> >
>> > Which one can check with the following Apache settings:
>> >
>> > KeepAlive
>> > MaxKeepAliveRequests
>> > KeepAliveTimout
>> >
> Maybe I'm wrong reading Apache 2.2 on-line manuals because I've not read
> technical papers about its internal workings.
> AFAIU these are virtual host only core module configuration settings
> that apply to HTTP sessions to keep alive client connection.
> php_interbase is activated if declared in php.ini, so it's mod_php that
> keeps alive Firebird connections (I guess).
> Don't understand how this configuration parameters can release FB
> permanent connections when not needed for some time. Only guess: they
> release mod_php that shut down his pool of connections.
> Is this a correct guess?

I'm at much the same point here. I would like to ensure that connections do get
refreshed from time to time, but the load on most sites is showing some which
were probably created when the server was rebooted.

That said ... the occasional reboot of Apache and Firebird is not a problem for
me since all my customer sites work 'office hours' so I can drop in remotely
over night or at the weekend :)

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