Subject Re: [firebird-php] ibase_param_info
Author masotti
On 28/07/2010 10:00, Sándor Tamás wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm just curious about the naming of FB parameters.
> I realized, that ibase_param_info returns an array which has a "name"
> and an "alias" key. How can I give these values to an ibase_prepare
> statement?

Mmhh.. are you sure?
I've not checked recent releases, but 5.2.6 PHP docs incorrectly states
about "name" and "alias" because a rapid check can confirm that in that
release ibase_param_info() returns an array with "type" and "length": no
name then.
And this make sense, because parameteres in queries are positional only
with a question mark and not named parameters.