Subject Re: [firebird-php] Hits and stats counters ....
Author Lester Caine
masotti wrote:
>>> Default transactions are IBASE_WRITE | IBASE_CONCURRENCY | IBASE_WAIT,
>>> so you need to alter default transaction in client library to IBASE_READ
>> Should I need to add IBASE_READ to that, and why not IBASE_WAIT there ?
> Sorry : I missed you're using AdoDb. If most of your transactions are
> read-only, why not?
> I'm not sure, I'll need to refresh some theory on transactions, but if
> you are reading only, what are WAITing for?
> I don't remember for sure if there is a meaning for a read-only + wait
> connection or they are not compatible parameters.

There is currently no differentiation in bitweaver between 'readers' and
'editors', but every 'read' of a page will create a write of some sort anyway.

The 'insert per page read' is actually making more sense now I think about it.
This area of the code has changed little from Tikiwiki/Tikipro days, and
extending the 'hits' table to include a user_id or ip address of anonymous
readers does make a lot of sense nowadays. I might even be able to track the
search bots activity ;)

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