Subject Re: ZendX_Db_Adapter_Firebird & not seeing new records added by others
Author tomsee7
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
> tomsee7 wrote:
> > Just FYI Lester the app is a Command Line Interface (CLI) app here (although there is web interface to it too).
> I'd still be interested to know that the connection IS being opened and closed
> properly. I WAS having this very problem with my own web applications. I manage
> the database via Flamerobin, and often add to or edit the control tables
> 'manually', but the web users where not seeing the new records. It turned out to
> be a combination of caching and transactions, so now I always open and close my
> own transactions. I'm not convinced that the php_interbase driver DOES follow
> the same rules as the abstraction layers expect. Certainly the 'default'
> transaction setup is not idea so I always override IBASE_DEFAULT. Auto-commit is
> not a default in php_interbase, or at least that is my understanding, but ZendX
> may simply be expecting it to happen.
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Thanks Lester.

Using the core ibase_xxx functions everything ok again.

Just a shame (and a time-consuming pain) that the ZendX_Db_Adapter_Firebird didn't work as expected in this situation.