Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: php 5.3.x compilation guides updated with Firebird 2.5 final
Author Lester Caine
marius adrian popa wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 1:07 PM, Lester Caine<lester@...> wrote:
>> Lester Caine wrote:
>>> Iwan wrote:
>>>> how about vc6 ?
>>> Anybody got one they can post please?
>> I've just checked the PHP5.4.4RC1 and it's still missing :(
> vc6 builds is on dead end , i guess firebird can't be build with that
> old compiler
> i recommend to use the vc9 builds , or use apache that is build with
> that version
> I will ask him to include firebird 1.5.x dll for it (that was
> buildable with vc6)
> Here is what Pierre wrote to me and please check if the firebird build
> is ok from the logs , zips :
> I put back the devel files on the snap box and PHP 5.3.4 should have
> them. In the mean time you can check the builds here:
> and select build you want.

'Do NOT use VC9 version with binaries'

No way am I using IIS just because it's all Pierre will support.

I'll get an AMD64 build run for apachelounge, but I haven't tried building a 32
bit one. There isn't be any problem building apache versions, we just have to
build them ourselves :(

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