Subject Re: [firebird-php] Basic Newby question
Author Lester Caine
gorepj wrote:
> I'm an absolute newby on PHP. My goal is to use CodeIgniter with Firebird. All my attempts so far result in "internal Server Error".
> My environment is Windows/IIS. I've downloaded and installed php 5.3.3. PHP seems to work just fine. I've downloaded and applied Codeigniter and that seems to work fine too. What I can't do is connect to any Firebird database using codeigniter or just native php. I downloaded and put php_interbase.dll in the php ext folder but that made no difference. Is there a basic idiots guide that I can use to configure php/codeigniter with Firebird?

Well if you scan pack a couple of pages on the messages ...

But I suspect that you may not yet have an extension for Firebird ... hopefully
that will appear back again in the 5.3.4 windows distributions, but in the

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