Subject Re: [firebird-php] good news everyone : Firebird driver will be back in php 5.3.4
Author Sándor Tamás
May I have a small voice of question: will it be possible to backup
through PHP?
Because with the 5.2 extension, it always giving errors, or more, it
doesn't do anything.
I have posted this problem months ago, but I got answers that "maybe in
a future release .... "


2010.11.03. 14:17 keltez�ssel, Kjell Rilbe �rta:
> marius adrian popa skriver:
>> Pierre Joye
>> (Team Leader, Developer) wrote on windows php building list : (someone
>> asked about the ldap extension)
>> 5.3.4 should have it. There are other missing extensions but some of
>> them will never be restored (like *spell for example). Firebird was
>> the last one actually missing and should be back in 5.3.4.
> Great news!!!! Thanks for letting us know Marius!
> Kjell

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