Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Framework recommendation
Author Lester Caine
jbrugger wrote:
> Hi all. I´m looking for a PHP Framework, Firebird-friendly, to develop corporate apps. I´ve found a similar question in this group, but it´s from 2007, and surely frameworks have evolved and new ones appeared in the field.
It depends on which one you found ...

> Can you recommmend a PHP framework for enterprise apps? (well supported, well documented, stable, open source). I'm able to read the web, I´m looking for experienced users advices here.
I have been working with bitweaver since moving from tikiwiki some years ago
now. Part of the reason for the move was the poor structure to many of the
systems available back then. I'd ben through quite a few getting to tikiwiki,
and spent some time making that work with Firebird, only to find that
'expansion' was something the other developers would not support. Tikiwiki has
lost many of the databases it used to work with, as have many others. If it's
not MySQL ...

bitweaver is a 'framework' that allow me to add specialist packages for things
like nlpg data, and our citizen index data, but which has a nice generic base,
and easy to handle installer and upgrade facility. It has served me well and
continues to do so. ... or have a look at the sites below.
Enquirysolve is a multisite structured portal for our customers and has passed
variuos security audits.

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