Subject Re: [firebird-php] upload table information
Author Oscar Darío Perdiguero
Hi, may be you can use the firebird hability of wok with external files.
This files must be of fixed wide fields and can be declared into de db
as same as a regular table.

My english is not good enough to let you better specifications, but in
the IB Manuals is all explained in details.

you can download it from

and then search in the DataDefinition Guide and then in page 107 under
"Using the External File option" for a complete explanation of how make
to take the data from external source.

Hope be helpfull

Darío Perdiguero

pirulo64 escribió:
> I'm new to firebird I'm running 1.5 anybody can show me how to upload
> from the web interface the information to the TABLES?
> for instead I have in excel or csv the data for STUDENT tables I need
> to be able to click browse find the csv or excel and imported to the
> tables can you show an example please really really apreciated
> thanks