Subject Re: [firebird-php] Exporting to Excel from PHP firebird and Importing from excel to a database
Author Lester Caine
pirulo64 wrote:
> I'm a new to firebird I need a way to export my web report php to excel
> and import to from excel to a database users new this ability to do it
> but most important is export.

Well I use .csv between spreadsheets and what is happening in the database. My
'report generator' displays the results on the screen, and also offers a .csv
dump which users can simply open in OO or Excel and then use the data from.

Import is a little more difficult, but ibwebadmin will copy a .csv file into a
database table, and I have several packages in bitweaver which process .csv
from various sources and build a suitable copy of the data in the database.

There is not a single way of doing it in PHP, but for test purposes,
FlameRobin allows you to export csv, which is one of the sources I then use so
import into other applications.

It does depend on what you are trying to transfer. In many cases it's simply
easier to provide functions in you PHP application to do some of the work,
rather than doing it in excel.

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