Subject Re: [firebird-php] How not to show IP number on navigator address bar
Author Lester Caine
Roberto Carlos wrote:
> (1) My site is hosted on a place that does include PHP nor Firebird.
> (2) I have PHP and Firebird on another computer that is connected to the internet, but does not have an internet domain name.
> When the user clicks on "send login and password" link (1), appears something such as "" (2), and everything else works correctly.
> Is there an HTML trick not to show IP number on navigator address bar and persist

Having my own IP address with a DNS entry I don't have this problem - now ;)

Part of the answer is linked to the problem of people trying to commit fraud
by pretending that they are a different legitimate site. In this case we do
not want to allow them to 'hide' their real location :(

I don't believe you can do anything on your local computer, the hosting
machine has to be able to forward your page requests to your local machine, so
if ALL the hosting is doing is redirecting to the //200.200 address then I
don't think you can change it - but I may be wrong! In which case someone will
step in and correct me.

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