Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: PHP 5.3 compilation VC6
Author masotti
Hi Lester,

Lester Caine ha scritto:
> You need to get the 'released' version of PHP5.3.0 ...
> The problem is that the .dll initialization checks the date stamp ( That
> is what they use as a version 'id' ) of the version being run and will
> not use it if the datestamp is earlier than the current version of the
> main program. So php_interbase for 5.3.0_RC2 is just giving me a 'can't
> load error' .. module API=20090119 .. php API=20090626
Ah! Never tried that.
Anyway I'll build in this week end updated version and upload it in files.
> I don't think that the same check is carried out on the
> libraries in Linux since you can use the one compiled with a previous
> build quite happily?
Never happened to me, because I downloaded latest
sources and compile.
I have only one propably not congruent server that is a CentOs 4 with
PHP 5.1 and (was quite a year ago, so IIRC) 5.2
rebuilded when upgrading Firebird from 2.0 to 2.1. Never happened or
tried vice versa as come to my memory (not so reliable actually ;) )

> p.s. I've had another run in with Pierre :(

> Which resulted in him
> accusing me of being blinkered in wanting to maintain a VC6 version of
> things ...
Don't understand. Perhaps 5.3.0 isn't intended to support VC6 any more?
> When I tried to correct him by pointing out that all I wanted
> was Apache and Firebird ( and some other third party VC7/8 libraries )
> included with the VC9 build ... exactly as M$ state is the correct
> approach ... he told me to get lost ...
Mixing of dll compiled with different version of VCC. As I see the only
solution for Firebird is a not officially supported (from PHP point of
view) version of VC6 php_interbase.dll for FB2.* ditributed with the
fbclient.dll for which was compiled..

> so I'm not going to bother with
> the win_php list now! I'll run the Apache/Firebird x64 build for the
> released 5.3 over the weekend.
I'll try to read what happened there...