Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: PHP 5.3 compilation VC6
Author masotti
Hi Lester,

Lester Caine ha scritto:
> Mimmo
> Any chance of running this with the released code. I know only the id
> has changed but of cause we need a compatible id in order to run with
> the current version :(
> How come the Linux builds don't seem to have this problem?
Sorry, don't understand well what you've written: I'm lost about "id":
don't remember at the moment what is it.
You've problem with VC6 php_interbase.dll lib with windows Apache and
PHP 5.3? ie. problem that there aren't in FLAP: is it?

ps: i'm trying to build RC4 now. If there are things to know to prevent
problems, any information is wellcome!