Subject Re: [firebird-php] (nessun oggetto)
Author Giovanni Premuda
Pierre Joye wrote:
> There are two way to solve a problem (and I will be harsh here):
> - whine endlessly for months and don't get it solved
> - work on the actual needs, show that it works and get it solved
> I'd to got with the second one. I don't remember who was idling in
> php-dev-win (besides Lester) recently, but we were discussing again
> how to solve this problem, but the discussions did not end (he left
> and did not came back yet).
I will be a lot harsher, but you deserve it.
Lester has been patient beyond any reasonable expectation, all the
others have quit long before him. Your lack of basic undestanding of
Windows development mixed with you high degree of arrogance is appaling.
The only way to solve the problem would be for someone to step up and
replace you. But then, PHP under windows is such a limited niche that
probably it's not worth the trouble.