Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: PHP 5.3 compilation VC6
Author Lester Caine
Lukas - I've cc'd you because I think this IS so important - and does
not just affect Firebird!

marius adrian popa wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 6, 2009 at 11:49 PM, Pierre Joye<pierre.php@...> wrote:
>> hi
>> You should be able to create this page now, can you try again pls?
>> You can join us on freenode if you have questions, it coudl be faster :)
> so the firebird client dll must be build from source ?
> I understand to build the interbase/firebird php driver
> but why to rebuild the firebird client dll?
> Or you need to link it staticaly

marius - I think I understand their thinking now and it simply does not
match our way of working ... and I don't think it matches many projects
way of working. Static linking has - I think - been dropped - although
the notes for PECL builds does still say they should be statically built.

The windows build process has to have a copy of every dynamic library
used in the process - including all of the Apache ones in my case all
and windows core ones - copied to <build>/deps/bin with the matching
library in <build>/deps/lib and the includes in a messy combination of
<build>/deps/include and <build>/deps/include/<package>. This is
somewhat different to the linux build and personally I think is going to
cause problems in the future but then what do I know ... The
distribution will have a copy of EVERY one of those binaries in it's
main directory ... which is why the distribution is so big? So projects
that can link to a number of dependent libraries - like Firebird - don't
fit the straight jacket? And the question STILL remains - Interbase or
Firebird client?

The PECL now has zip files for every windows build of the dependent
libraries such as vc6/x86/.. vc8/x86/.. vc9/x86/.. and vc9/x64/.. and
while most of the dependencies are there, there are a lot missing, so
I'm currently unable to finish a full build of the Win64 PHP5.3.0RC3

The bit I still do not understand - perhaps because I am thick - is why
the CURRENT fbclient_ms.lib can not be used in both the VC6 and VC9
build. I DO understand that I need an x86 or x64 build of that library,
and I was getting my head torn off yesterday when I was simply trying to
get to a point where the PHP build process would fail because I HAD the
x64 lib in the tree rather than the x86. I'm well past that point now,
and I will be publishing an x64 build of PHP in ApacheLounge later
today. There are a few missing extensions because I don't have the
libraries to build them, but php_interbase is included! And works nicely
with the Win64 build of Firebird.

I can probably understand the thinking, but personally I would prefer
that the libraries from the installed package were used rather than
PHP's copies. I can certainly see a problem if - say - Apache up issues
one of the libraries that PHP is redistributing, and things like
imagemagick are big installs to have to bundle them? I know this is the
windows hell problem, but the solution is too much of a straight jacket?

>> Cheers,
>> On Sat, Jun 6, 2009 at 10:00 PM, Umberto Masotti<u.masotti@...> wrote:
>>> Hi Pierre,
>>> Pierre Joye ha scritto:
>>>> hi Umberto,
>>>> Without a reproducible (and documented somehow) way to build the
>>>> client library with VC6 and VC9, firebase support won't make it in
>>>> 5.3.0 on Windows. The deadline is next week, monday evening.

>>> Do you mean 8 June '09?
>>> BTW: in, after
>>> logging in, where is "Create this page" button???
>>> The best I obtained is "Sorry, you don't have enough rights to continue.
>>> Perhaps you forgot to login?" over a light blue "logged in as Umberto
>>> Masotti".
>>> I'd post this in a php windows reserved forum or something. Where?
>>> I've some other things to ask for, or to find answer by myself , in
>>> order to complete docs and useful files.
>>> Can I send source of wiki page (and zip lib files or other needed
>>> attachements) to you directly?

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