Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP 5.3 compilation VC6
Author Lester Caine
Pierre Joye wrote:
> Hi Umberto,
> By the way, there is an article in the latest phparchitect about
> compiling/debugging php on windows. And this edition can be freely
> downloaded here: (simple
> email registration).
> I focused on VC9 and explained the whole process step by step.

I keep being told If I want something I should do it myself so ...

Corrections to this article ...
I've downloaded the ISO for VC9 express but it can not be used with W2k
- you must have XP installed in order to run it. So I can't run it on
the spare windows server here ... Borland development setup is on my two
XP machines which I don't want to risk - I've had to rebuild them a
couple times already!
As an aside - you need an 800Mb blank disk to record to, but in the
absence of that one of the ISO mount programs can open it. Now if I can
just run it ...

So now do I wipe a perfectly good linux box and buy another XP license.
All the current windows servers are still on W2k so that is what I need
to test on anyway?

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