Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP 5.3 compilation VC6
Author Lester Caine
Pierre Joye wrote:
> Btw, VC6 is not the only case we have to support. We have to support
> VC9 and VC6. And no, VC9 is not only for IIS (for Lester).

BUT I'm being told not to use it with Apache which IS the only web
server I'm testing on simply because it works transparently on both
Windows and Linux.
"Do NOT use VC9 version with binaries"

> In the past discussions, the idea was to use 1.x for VC6 builds and
> 2.x for VC9 (2.x does not support vc6 anyway afair).

So do we have to now look at recompiling Apache as well if we want to
continue to use new builds of PHP?

> For the correct configuration, SDK and compiler, see:

All of the legacy code I'm still having to support on windows is working
fine into FB2.1.2 and so while the database, Apache and PHP are being
upgraded, the older code simply carries on working. All that code is
compiled under Borland Builder 6 and works happily with the newer
clients supplied with Firebird ... this code could not even be moved to
VC6, so VC9 is certainly out of the picture. If there are any problems
with the Firebird client being backwards compatible that would be
addressed, so the compiler (Borland or M$) version SHOULD not matter?

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