Subject Re: [firebird-php] Firebird, PHP on CentOS 5 again
Author Philippe Makowski
Anderson Farias [09-05-19 16.00] :
> You've got to be kidding...

And for Linux users, putting all in /opt is silly ;)

> Current and long history installs with everything on /opt/firebird is just
> perfec. Why whould this change to such a crazy file distribution??
not crazy at all, just following FHS rules, and integrated into a distro

in fact packages for Fedora,CentOS,Mandriva,Debian have also better performance
just like if you build it yourself, just because of the gcc version used
and distro packages can be updated (not the "official" one), all dependancies are take
into account, ...

> Hope oficial FB deployments never do that!
of course not, and in that it respect FHS rules
official RPM are "external' to distro, so are going into /opt