Subject Re: [firebird-php] Firebird, PHP on CentOS 5 again
Author Lester Caine
Coco Pascal wrote:
> Philippe Makowski schreef:
>> Coco Pascal [09-05-18 22.37] :
>>> Why is firebird installed in /usr/lib instead of /opt? I can't find
>>> SYSDBA.password with the initial randomly generated sysdba password.
>>> Where is it?
>> <>
> What should I learn from this?

Philippe is pointing out that the /usr/lib/ links have been added AS
LINKS so that people who are used to finding the utilities in /usr/lib
will still see them. And I suspect that /usr/lib is in the command
search path so 'gbak' would work without having to add the /opt/firebird
to the search path

Do you not have a password file in /opt/firebird/bin? You will probably
have to be logged in as 'root' to see it, and you certainly need to be
'root' to run

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