Subject Re: [firebird-php] Firebird, PHP on CentOS 5 again
Author Lester Caine
Coco Pascal wrote:
> marius adrian popa schreef:
>> i have updated the guide for centos and php 5.1.x
>> i will put the source install in another page , for the moment is
>> there if you really want to do an source install :)
>> <>
> Why is firebird installed in /usr/lib instead of /opt?
number of the distributions 'prefer' that applications are installed
to /usr rather than /opt. THAT is a discussion that needs to be
unrertaken on the Linux sites. Personally I would prefer that there as
an agreed standard across all distributions. ( Location of Apache and
PHP adds to the fun :( )
But if you are saying the default for CentOS IS /usr/lib then I need to
OK Moved that to the firebird wiki
and I've added pigeonholes for the php installation pages, along with a
book wrapper

Having bowed to pressure, the deafult of html only with the in-line
editor has been change so we are probably going to get a mess of wiki
and html pages now, but please can people add to and update these pages
so we have a single central reference ....

> I can't find
> SYSDBA.password with the initial randomly generated sysdba password.
> Where is it?
If the file does not exist, then the default is 'masterke', adding the
random password was another 'distribution option'

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