Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Firebird, PHP on CentOS 5 again
Author Lester Caine
Coco Pascal wrote:
>> The "official" version of what Anderson had already said can be found
>> here:
>> <> .
>> Last week I installed for the first time firebird support for php on a
>> CentOS 5.3 with an existing Firebird 2.1.2 and PHP 5.1.6, all of them
>> were 64 bit version, so if you need the file I can give
>> it to you.
> Thanks, both Anderson and Ionut. I stumbled upon a new problem having to
> install kernel sources. Until your offer to send me the required file I
> gave up running Bitweaver with Firebird. My emailaddress is coco -dot-
> pascal -at- xs4all -dot- nl

People keep suggesting CentOS as a suitable distribution, but I've not
got around to checking it as yet. Since I've got over most of my other

I've not actually compiled in a while, and to be honest I'm
not quite sure where the copy I am using has come from ;) I suspect it's
the one out of Mandriva rather than my own compilation.

On some of the other lists there have been discussions about setting up
Apache/PHP and complaining about having to compile PHP to add things -
in those cases MySQL! But I will be most surprised if CentOS does not
follow the normal configuration pattern for it's Apache and PHP ini
files. This is where the faq191 is a little 'behind the times', since it
is unlikly there will be an extensions section in a Linux php.ihi file.

I need some help with locations of files on the different distributions,
and I have no doubt that CentOS will probably have another variation.
But all the configuration stuff will be in /etc/ at least that is
acreed. Apache will either be configured in /etc/apache2 (SUSE/Ubuntu)
or /etc/httpd (Mandrive)
PHP is then enabled in Apache in conf.d/ ( or module.d/ )

The PHP configuration is similarly random. /etc/php5 on SUSE/Ubuntu with
php.ini hidden in /etc/php5/apache2 while Mandrive simply has /etc/php.ini
But in both cases, the extensions are not managed in php.ini, but rather
in a subdirectory /etc/php5/conf.d ( which also appears via a link as
/etc/php5/apache2/conf.d in Ubuntu but not SUSE) or /etc/php.d in Mandriva.

In either case, the extensions configuration directory is the ideal way
to configure things, and one should find .ini files for all of the other
installed extensions. A good example is suhosin security extension,
which has all of it's configuration there. Other packages tend to be a
single line and I have created firebird.ini which has the entry
'' and at some point I must get around to adding
the other ini file settings with their notes ( unless someone has
already done it ? )

Having taken the time again to check some of the facts above I thought -
this should be ain my manual :)
Other bits will follow on that page, and if you can supply settings from
other distributions ( Or simply flag a distribution that matches ) let
me know.

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