Subject Re: Flex -> -> Firebird. What are pros & cons ?
Author raja_s_patil
Thanks Lester Caine,

I was expecting your response ;)-

well as per plan as of today we are porting a database application
to web. What flex application will access from web server are
various web services which are going to access database either
on same server or altogether different server that's all.
It's not expected or planned to provide facilities like
blog, html pages etc. etc.

Well while drafting specs both we and our client dont have any
past experience of having a web application so it might be
a wrong plan. So i will give a profile of present application
so that u can guide us better.

The application is for a small courier company. They have
branches at various location and at those branches our application
is running. They want to have a centralized database and a parcel
tracking. At present we are using data replication and collecting
data from individual branches. The only thing they need is
web interface for their customers who will be able browse the
status of their parcel right now. However for future requirement
we have considered that capability of data capturing through
browser should exist in platform we are going to select. We
are aware that once parcel tracking system is put on line
it is very difficult to change the platform. So we want to
do it right since begining.

What do u thing is it necessary to have a server side framework
essential for such type of applications ? We are in the
line of custom database applications.

Thanks and best regards