Subject Re: [firebird-php] porting applications for firebird
Author Lester Caine
tjelvare wrote:
> Many packages for linux often only provide support for mysql & pgsql,
> is there any effort going on to port applications for firebird?
> I've heard drupal7 is up, thats nice. ;-)
> What about roundcube and others, and dovecot?? Rumors? Progress?
> Would be nice to run firebird as the one and only db esp. on vps where
> RAM is low.

I improved firebird support on tikiwiki some time ago, but the structure
of that framework was poor, and so I've been involved with bitweaver for
some years. This was a port of tikiwiki, and uses ADOdb properly to
allow cross database support.

Most applications that use ADOdb can be run on Firebird with little
work, provided that the base database and SQL has not been forced to
prefer any particular database. PEAR:MDB2 should provide the same
facility, however the MySQL guys have found a way of destroying
interoperability, and a number of packages that we have been looking to
merge with bitweaver have proven totally impractical as the core
compatibility code has been replaced with MySQl specific 'improvements' :(

It may be that it's not worth the effort trying to port some code over,
but if something particularly interests you, then just look for standard
copies of the abstraction library. If one of those libraries is not
being used, using instead native drivers, then the 'port' will be more

PDO provides a DATA agnostic database interface, but because it does not
take any regard for SQL differences, in many cases applications writen
for PDO start by having all the SQL re-writen ....

( Are the papers from the 2005 Firebird Conference still on line? I did
a more complete comparison of the problems in one of them ;) )

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