Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Unbuffered query
Author masotti

jankahoun ha scritto:
> Ram usage would decrease on the PHP server if I use unbuffered query. Maybe this is a problem PHP and not Firebird, i don't know. Firebird is chaching all data from query and then sending to a client?
> PHP version: 5.2.6
> Firebird : 2.1.2
> Sorry for my bad english :-)
Don't worry for bad english, it's like mine: you're wellcome. :-)

Actually I haven't yet understand what are you trying to achieve and
what do you precisely want to take care of.

Maybe better if you give an example of what you are doing and what
precisely doesn't go as desired.
AFAIK "unbuffered" queries are MySql and SQLite things, Firebird hasn't
anything symilar to mysql_unbuffered_query(): meaning that this is not a
lack of functionality, but a different way of doing same job: Firebird
takes care for you.

Firebird engine cache is a data cache to optimize frequently running
queries, Classic and Superserver manage this in different mode (global
or per connection basis) and there are many configuration parameters,
but don't touch them until you are perfectly aware of what are you
doing: default is 99.9999% the best choice.

Add some PHP code you're trying to implement and explain where/which
step do you think will create problems in your design.

See you.