Subject Re: [firebird-php] Help needed with PHP/FB on Firebird website
Author Milan Babuskov
Pavel Cisar wrote:
> Thanks for your suggestions, but this seems to be a problem. openSUSE
> repositories doesn't contain PHP sources for IBASE library, and I can't
> find sources for php 4.4.0 on php site or elsewhere, only latest ones
> (4.4.9). I can't imagine compiling apache php module for 4.4.9

BTW, what I described does not involve compiling apache php module. In
fact, it doesn't compile PHP at all. It only compiles interbase
extension. For analogy, imagine you would have a command to only compile file for Firebrd. You still need Firebird sources to do it, but
you are not compiling Firebird itself.

Milan Babuskov