Subject Re: [firebird-php] Help needed with PHP/FB on Firebird website
Author Milan Babuskov
Pavel Cisar wrote:
> Does anybody have some experience with setting up FB/PHP support on
> openSUSE? The default PHP core & extension packages for openSUSE don't
> provide the Firebird support, so some compilation from sources would be
> probably necessary. We're stuck with openSUSE 10.0 for time being, which
> has only PHP 4.4.0.

It's a good version, 5.x series still has bugs and I patch sources
manually before compiling.

> The Firebird Website Maintenance Team would be glad for any help.

This is how I do it: I prefer only to add module to
existing setup.

1. install php-devel package (needed for phpize. If you already have
phpize command, you don't need it)

2. get the php source code for the exact version as you are running

3. unpack the source and go to ext/interbase directory

4. run: phpize

5. run: ./configure --with-interbase=shared,/opt/firebird

Depending on how you installed Firebird, it might not be /opt/firebird,
but something else. Make sure you type in the correct path.

6. run: make

7. this will create module in .libs subdirectory

8. copy file to /usr/lib/php/extensions. This might also be
different for OpenSUSE. Check the setting 'extension_dir' in php.ini. If
you have multiple versions of PHP installed (like for example, both CLI
and CGI and SAPI variants), you might have multiple php.ini files. To
make sure, create a php page in which you call the phpinfo(); function
and see what it outputs for configuration file.

9. uncomment the ; in php.ini. You might need to
add this line if it does not exist.

10. restart Apache

You can also try this set of tests to see if extenstion is working properly:

Milan Babuskov