Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP & Apache installation
Author Lester Caine
bala_karat wrote:
> Hi !
> We are developing a new appln using Firebird. What is the best way to
> install the correct versions of PHP & Apache? Presently we install
> WAMP server. This's fine except that MySQL is also installed
> unnecessarily. As a practice, shall we delete the MySQL folder or any
> other suggestion?

On windows I just install the latest Apache2 and PHP5 and I've never had
any problems. One needs to tweek httpd.conf to see the PHP and php.ini
for the location of your files, but since I put all of these in
c:\network\ and trim the apache install to c:\network\apache22\ - I'm
not at a default location - that is so I do NOT have any spaces in the
path names ;)

Of cause one of the current problems is a clean PHP windows install,
with all the messing Pierre is doing with different compiler versions :(
But PHP5.2.8 along with the PHP5.2.6 PECL package works well ( I use
PECL for a couple of extras )

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